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 The Story 

It started with an old gi....

Once upon a time, a friend asked me if I had ever seen a bag made from BJJ gi material. He was planning to get one for his fiance. I searched online to see if I could find one, and there were none to be found. 

I had an old Judo gi and a sewing machine, so I got to work. After about 8 hours and 6 broken needles, I had a usable bag. People at tournaments loved it and wanted to know if they could get one. No way! This thing was far too much trouble to produce more. However, I never forgot the idea. 

Years passed and I made several different versions of the gi backpack, but they were always from old gis. The cotton material absorbed water and stained easily. Eventually, I settled on nylon as the material. Nylon is water resistant, highly durable, and it is not specific to any particular martial art. This allows the same design to represent Karate, Tae Kwon Do, BJJ, Judo, Aikido, etc. I also redesigned the collar since there is not a head going through it and added a hidden zipper. Finally, the business card holder was the proverbial cherry on top to help students refer their friends to the programs they love. At last, the design for the current gi backpack was born. 

After an exhaustive search of manufacturers, I settled on a large producer that makes bags for some of the top brands that you probably already own. 

Now, I am proud to present Bushido Bags. With this first product, we can bring the spirit of martial arts into everyday life. I hope you enjoy your gi backpack. Stay tuned for more products showcasing our love for martial arts. 

Erick Jordan

Founder of Bushido Bags

 The Vision 

And now...

Where do we go from here? Bushido Bags is intended to capture the spirit of mutual benefit. The gi backpack not only functions as an awesome backpack for the user, but it is also an advertising tool for school owners. This can be worn every day, giving it a sizable advantage over a school t-shirt or hoodie. When students wear a gi backpack in public, they not only showcase their love for martial arts, but they also carry a unique conversation starter that can help them easily refer friends and classmates to their martial arts programs. 

This is why every Bushido Bags backpack includes a business card holder. Since referral programs are such an important part of building any martial arts business, giving students an extra tool to utilize these programs is a win-win. Students get to train with their friends, owners get more students, and the referring student reaps the program's rewards. Then, the cycle begins again with the new student.

Even the most shy students can hand out a business card when asked if they train. Having this conversation starter on their backs can be a powerful confidence booster. After all, confidence is one of the major benefits of martial arts training. 

If you would like to carry Bushido Bags in your school or store, please fill out the form on the wholesale page

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